Valentine’s day…still about eat and eat..^^

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hiii..finally I write on this blog again…hehehe. I’ll try to write in english, I hope u can understand my “pas-pas-an” english..wkwkkww.

Based on request from Dwi the “hahahahaha” girl, I will contribute to this blog again…This time I’ll share about my valentine’s day dinner. Because of the val’s day for this year is the same day with the lunar new year, Me n my bf had a val’s dinner on the day before..13 feb 2010.  Initially (agak aneh neh, pokonya mksd gw = pd awalnya….), We plan to had a romantic dinner @ Segarra, Ancol. Unfortunately, the weather was not friendly to us :(…The Segarra outdoor was closed, because of the rain that day..their outdoor area was wet a.k.a  “rada becek”, eventhough the rain had been stop… (ngerti kan y mksd gw??! ;p)

So, we decided to had a dinner @ bandar jakarta…it’s not so romantic…becuse we eat a lot!! hahahaha…here are the foods:

Udah ah gw nyerah pk inggris2an! campur2 aja lah yaa…;p. Jd tuh y, mknan yg kt mkn: Kerang macan, Kepiting apa gt namanya dr kalimantan pokonya, Udang galah (look at the shrimps’s eyes!! gede bnrr), Scallops (yumiiee, love it!), n kepiting soka…hehehe. Udangnya sbenernya ada 1 porsi lg, ga kepoto tpnya..1 porsi lg tuh sama2 udang galah, tp dibakarnya beda bumbu gt..klo ga slh namanya bakar makassar…klo yg 1 lg bakar bandar jkt..hehe. The foods was veryyyyy goood! SO, niat mkn mlm romantis gagal sudah!! mjd mkn mlm bar-bar..hehehe. And as usual, I ate till drop..alias gw yg abisin tuh seafoods!!hihihii..cos my BF was already fullll, he ate a lot of rice!wkwkwkw

After that, we had another one, because we want to maximize that nite in Ancol (a.k.a  ga mao rugi dah byr msk ancol, mending mampir lg ke tempat lain….wkwkwk). And the next destination was Le Bridge.. hmm..It’s a romantic place, and we’re lucky because there’s fireworks that nite!! In the middle of the sea, we enjoy that fireworks..of course with our dessert..pancake and Coffee Latte…:). So, thats all my val’s day nite. My BF didnt give me any flowers, and also any chocholate…but he gave me something special…hehehhee. Here’s the picture of The Le Bridge, and of course the pic of me!hihihi

-Rina Cantiquez-

  1. -dwi- says:

    HUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA Geblek! hahahhahahahahahaha
    eh itu lu yg motoin le bridge nya? bgs amat kalo hsil jepretan elu hahahahahahhahahaa

    CCiiieeee Rina ehm ehm hahahahhahahahaha

  2. 3cantiquez says:

    bkn gw lah dwiii….hahahhaa..nyoot dr mang google…wkwkwkwkkww..

    -rina cantiquez-

  3. 3cantiquez says:

    bkn gw lah dwiii….hahahhaa..nyomot dr mang google…wkwkwkwkkww..

    -rina cantiquez-

  4. -dwi- says:

    Rina itu gambar kepiting krg gede ajeeeee hahahahahahhahaahahahhaa

  5. rina says:

    sngajaa..biar pd ngiler yg bacaaa…hahahahhaa

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