Posted: January 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

I dont know about my feelings,,,
Sometimes i feel happy beside him..
Sometimes i feel worried beside him….
Meet him almost everyday,,,
Looking into his eyes.. talking with him almost everyday,,,
Make me feel happy … but at the same time i feel worried..
And one fact make me realize that i must stop this feelings
Because i cant fallling in love with him

But.. I dont know.. is it everlasting love?
or.. is it only temporary love?
Maybe time will answer the my disguise…
Hope this feelings will runaway

-miss anonym-

  1. Melzzz says:

    Hmmm..siapa ya nech yg nulis?? En siapa yg dimksd?? Kepo mania ON ^^ Please tell me…

  2. lautze says:

    Humm boleh ku tebak ga yaaa??

    yang nulis dan yang sedang diperbincangkan dalam tulisan itu..

    boleh ga ni miss anonym ???

  3. 3cantiquez says:

    huahuahuahuaha,,, no komengg,,, masalah ini tabuu untuk diperbincangkann 😛

    -miss anonym-

  4. 3cantiquez says:

    tabu untuk diperbincangkan, tp layak untuk dipergunjingkan!! wakakakaka..iy neh kasi tau ga yaaaaa…kyknya dah pd tau jg deeey…huahahahaha

    – seseorg yg tau bgt siapa si miss anonim –

  5. LauTze says:

    hahahaha..betul..sepokat ma kata-kata dari – seseorg yg tau bgt siapa si miss anonim –

    mengangkat hal yang tabu menjadi layak untuk dipergunjingkan..
    Kita tunggu episode KONFIRMASI dari DEGUISE ini yaa 😉

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